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Known as is Wheel-I-Am, this is Feros Care’s latest recruit and is essentially an iPad mounted on a miniature Segway base.

The concept is simple – to keep seniors socially connected by using technology so residents who are less mobile and unable to go on social outings can still be part of the fun.

Chief Executive Officer, Jennene Buckley is quick to point out that Wheel-I-Am is just one of many initiatives Feros Care is undertaking to change the face of aged care.

“We want to help seniors to start a “new chapter in their lives”. This means we – as a community – need to find innovative ways and employ modern day solutions to keep people engaged, healthy and help them to focus on keeping their bodies strong and their minds active.

“Wheel-I-Am is one of many ways our residents can feel connected and included because they get to go on interactive outings without leaving the village,” she said.

Ms Buckley said Wheel-I-Am is part of Feros Care’s eVillage program which also includes virtual consultations to connect residents with their GPs. GPs are able to assess and discuss the resident’s health and concerns. While still in pilot stages, these virtual consultations are leading to improved access to health care providers and fewer hospital admissions.

Adding to its swag of other modern day solutions to fight social isolation, Feros Care is launching Australia’s first virtual seniors centre next week, which aims to revolutionise the way seniors can stay connected, meet friends and participate in the community, and all from the comfort of their lounge chair.

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