Telehealthcare Workshops – Hervey Bay and Chermside

Telehealthcare Workshops – Hervey Bay and Chermside

Have you ever wondered how your clients can access technology to make living at home safer? Do you have a client who could benefit from daily monitoring of their chronic health condition at home?

If the answer is yes, then you should attend Feros Care’s LifeLink Community Technologies Workshop at:

Hervey Bay – Tuesday 8 May, 2012 – 10am-12pm
Chermside – Wednesday 9 May, 2012 – 1pm-3pm

The workshops are targetted to Community Care Service Providers, Hospitals, and Allied Health and General Practice Staff. They will provide practical demonstrations on Telehealth (remote vital signs monitoring of chronic disease patients) and Telecare (smart home 24hr monitoring) technologies.

For more information or to register, simply fill in the form for Hervey Bay or Chermside and return to Feros Care.


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