LifeLink understands that most people have a strong desire to maintain their independence, lifestyle choices and networks of friends. LifeLink can assist in practical ways for seniors to make those choices. LifeLink provides the reassurance to stay at home longer, independently yet with safety, security and confidence.

LifeLink provides technology to support people with a wide variety of care needs, to live safely and independently in their own home. For example lifelink can provide personal emergency alarms, which alert a 24 hour response centre to help solve in-home accidents or escalate to 000 services. If there is an incident, the operator will stay with you on the phone until help arrives.

How Lifelink Can Help

There are many ways LifeLink Emergency Response Alarms can help you stay at home safely, on your terms for many years longer.

  • Maintain your independence, your dignity, your enjoyment in life whilst in your own home, for longer.
  • Get just that little bit of help and peace of mind you need, to look after your ill husband so you can go to the shops or visit a friend worry-free.
  • Reassure your kids that you are ok on your own at home and they don’t have to worry so much
  • Have the confidence to stay at home on your own with the back-up of sensor helpers telling you if the bath overflows, or the gas is left on, lighting your way to the toilet at night or simply talking to you (over the speaker) if you have a fall or a bad turn.

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What others say

“I have worked hard all my life so I can take care of my family. I am used to making decisions and I want to stay in control of my life. But I do admit, as we get older, we like the idea of a safety back-up just in case something does go wrong at home like a fall or a heart attack. With the emergency pendant alarm either of us can get help. The Response Centre operator can help us over the phone, call one of our children for help or emergency services. We both want to stay at home doing what we want, with our friends and in our street for as long as possible.” ~ Lifelink Customer