Tunstall Personal Alarm Bundle

$9.80 per week

Don’t feel alone anymore – help is just a push of the button away. LifeLink’s personal alarm means you can stay living confidentially in your own home for longer.

Get help when you fall or you are feeling unwell in your home. Press the button on either your Pendant/Wrist band or the In-home Communicator Base and an alert will be raised with LifeLink’s 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. If you are unconscious you will not be able to raise the alert.

Personal Alarm includes

  1. In-home Communicator Base
  2. Pendant and additional wristband attachment
  3. 24/7 Emergency Response Monitoring
  4. Delivery, programming, activation and keysafe – One off fee $125

Couples Alarm Bundle Also Available – Learn More


Personal Alarm basic pendant

  •  Unlike a mobile phone that you don’t always carry, the pendant is always worn and able to call for help at any time.
  • Waterproof: we encourage you to wear it in the shower where many falls happen
  • Triggers In-home Communicator Base and emergency call in a range of 50m.
  • Durable, small, discrete and light weight
  • Wear the pendant around your neck, clipped to your waist band or like a watch (wrist band supplied)