Tunstall Advanced Falls Detection Alarm Bundle

$27.75 per week

The Advanced Falls Detector bundle send an automatic alert to the LifeLink 24/7 Emergency Response Centre if you have had a fall. It also has the added safety of automatic bedside light that is activated when you get into or rise from your bed.

You can also choose to have additional monitoring – an alarm would be activated if you don’t return to bed.


Advanced Falls Detector bundle includes

  1. In-home Communicator Base – like a speaker phone; it’s your hands-free, speed-dialled connection with LifeLink’s 24/7 Emergency Response Centre
  2. Automatic Falls Detection Pendant – your guaranteed immediate help alert
  3. Bed Occupancy Sensor – ensures you have light whenever you leave your bed
  4. Bathroom Alarm – installed near the toilet: many falls happen during night-time toilet visits
  5. 24/7 Emergency Response Monitoring – always available to attend to your call
  6. Technician installation, programming, activation and Keysafe – One off fee $370

Automatic Falls Detection Pendant

How It Works

  • Will instantly detect if you have had a fall
  • Calibrated to your height, and if that height (altitude) changes rapidly and dramatically the alarm will be instantly triggered
  • Only is activated if the change in height is rapid – ie sitting or lying down should not activate the alarm
  • Includes a button that you can press to manually activate the alarm if you are feeling unwell or need help
  • Must be worn around the neck – it won’t work if worn at your wrist or at your waist
  • Waterproof: we encourage you to wear it in the shower where many falls happen
  • Triggers In-home Communicator Base and emergency call in a range of 50m -> landline system
  • Durable, small, discrete and light weight
  • Worn around your neck (can be worn under clothes)