Live-in Carer

$11.10 per week

Do you care for an elderly parent or spouse, or a family member with a chronic condition at home?

The Live-in Carer bundle will support you to look after your loved one and provide you with peace of mind. It means you will be alerted if something happens when you are in a different part of your home.

Unlike our other bundles, alerts are sent to YOU – it is not monitored by our Emergency Response Centre.

In-Home Carer bundle

  • Sensor mat – placed adjacent to the bed (detects falls from bed), or in a doorway (to detect nocturnal wandering)
  • Pager – worn by the carer
  • Pillow shaker – activated when the pager is charging
  • Pager transmitter – monitors the sensor mat and pager and activates either the pager or the pillow shaker to notify the carer that their attention is required
  • Alarm pendant – worn by the person requiring monitoring (if they have memory/capacity to press the alarm button)

* Does not require technical installation and is not monitored by the LifeLink Emergency Response Service.

Can be customised to the needs of the carer and the health condition of the person requiring monitoring.

One off freight and set-up fee – $85


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