IHealth Smart Portable Glucometer


Allows you to see your glucose level directly on the monitor’s display –  ideal for when you’re at work, school or don’t have a smartphone available.
Once your phone is nearby, the data will sync to be stored, tracked and shared.

  • Your personal diabetes data management device.
    The app becomes your digital logbook that presents your data in simple and easy to understand ways such as colour-coded data, charts, and graphs!

  • Portable and discreet – a pocket-sized blood glucose meter. Includes a compact travelling bag that fits your testing accessories

  • User-friendly and small design makes testing in public more discreet

  • Affordable test strips

  • More than just your results – A reading can be a result of many different factors such as food and exercise. The digital logbook has sections that reflect those different factors and allows
    you to note them down

  • Set reminders – notifications to take glucose readings, medication, or insulin

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