Gyenno Utensils


Shaky hands happen to the best of us.
Even a small shake can be a big deal; making a simple task like holding a spoon or fork feel like mission impossible.
It’s frustrating, often embarrassing, and can suck the joy right out of everyday life.

But it doesn’t have to.
Gyenno Utensils use state-of-the-art technology to offset 85% of tremors. So you’re free to enjoy your meals, without the shakes.

The Gyenno Smart Spoon and Fork senses the tremor and uses robot technology (both up and down and side to side) to counteract the tremor and keep the food on the utensil.

And the more you use it, the more it gets to know you and your unique tremors.
Over time, the technology remembers your tremor patterns and adapts for even better tremor control.
And the information can be stored and shared with scientists to help them learn more and improve solutions.

Who would have thought a simple spoon could be so smart?

So if shaky hands are spoiling your supper, get smart. Get a Gyenno and get your confidence back.

Gyenno Spoon features

  • Advanced robotic technology
  • Made from medical grade materials
  • Ergonomic comfortable design with a total weight 130g
  • Fully charged battery can run three meals a day and has a battery status notification light