[email protected] Pro

$16.80 per week

[email protected] system offers a seamless health monitoring experience to enable you to live independently in your home.

Using sensors and intelligent algorithms, [email protected]™ learns your daily habits and behaviours and alerts for any changes in your daily routine that may indicate any potential health condition change – helping to prevent falls and unnecessary hospital visits.

How the [email protected] works

  • Control Panel connects your peripherals to our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre.
  • Control Panel includes an emergency button and powerful microphone and speaker that detects the voice up to 50 metres.
  • Door Sensors are installed on the front door and the fridge door (additional door or window sensors are available to suit personalised needs).
  • Room Sensors are installed in the bedroom, bathroom, toilet, lounge room and kitchen to help to build up a pattern of movements.
  • Advanced mobile and web applications daily/weekly for family monitoring.
  • Constantly adapts and learns routines and proactively sends notifications, alerts and informative reports to a care giver or to LifeLink’s 24/7 Emergency Response Centre.

Activity Monitoring + Safety bundle includes

  1. Two door sensors
  2. Five room sensors
  3. [email protected] Control Panel
  4. 24/7 Emergency Response Centre Monitoring
  5. Family access to App and Web Portal
  6. Keysafe
  7. Technical installation, programming & activation – (once off fee) $220.00

Add clinical support by Feros Care RN – optional

Add Voice Panic Detector (VPD) – optional