[email protected] Basic

$8.95 per week

Cost Effective Health Monitoring

The [email protected] basic is a cost effective and easy to use personal alarm that enables you to live independently in your home. It can be fitted to any home environment so you or your loved one has access to emergency response services at the press of a button.

Installation is a breeze. No specialists needed, no wires and no drilling. It can even be remotely configured by our staff through your wi-fi connection.

Personal Alarm includes

  • Base Alarm
  • Waterproof pendant with necklace or wristband attachment
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Monitoring
  • Keysafe

You can also choose to add in other products if you need them so the system can change with you. Choose add-on services such as fire and flood safety detection for additional care and safety services orĀ  upgraded to the full [email protected] Pro intelligent monitoring solution. You can also add an additional Voice Panic Detector (VPD). The VPD provides an added layer of care by allowing the wearer to notify emergency services in situations where they are unable to activate available panic buttons.

Delivery, programming and activation is a one-off fee $125.

Add Voice Panic Detector (VPD) – optional