Personal Emergency Response Service Authorisation

The Term (Emergence Response Centre) will include RAA, Rechenberg and Tunstall.

By entering into a rental agreement with Lifelink you hereby agree to the following terms.

  1. I authorise the (Emergency Response Centre) to call the Emergency Service (Ambulance, Fire or Police) on my behalf.
  2. I hereby authorise the Emergency Service through its officers to enter the above described premises and to use any reasonable force necessary to effect such entry. In the event that such entry causes damage or loss I will not hold the Emergency Service liable for such damage or loss and I hereby indemnify the (Emergency Response Centre) and Feros Care in respect of any claim made against it by others in respect of such damage or loss.
  3. I agree to, and am aware of, the recording of all incoming and outgoing telephone communications made to and from the (Emergency Response Centre) in relation to the provision of this service.
  4. I authorise the (Emergency Response Centre) to hold a copy of your records for the purpose of providing continued service in the event of an emergency at the (Emergency Response Centre).
  5. I acknowledge that the (Emergency Response Centre) and Feros Care will only use or disclose my personal records when it directly relates to my care or welfare and only then with my consent or as required by law.
  6. I acknowledge that for purchased units, repairs due solely to faulty materials or workmanship (up to 12 months) are covered by manufacturer’s warranty. All other repairs to damaged pendants or monitors are my responsibility.
  7. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the cost and replacement of the batteries in all equipment. LifeLink will supply the battery for rental Base Alarms only.
  8. I acknowledge that when I no longer require the alarm:
    i) For Rental units – The unit will be returned to Feros Care at my cost. Until the rental unit is received back, the weekly fees will continue.
  9. I understand that is my responsibility to seek prior approval from my landlord (if applicable) for the installation of telecare devices on walls/doors/ceilings within my home and any repairs required when the devices are eventually removed. If I require re-location of the equipment I will also be responsible for any costs associated.
  10. I understand that I will liable for any additional installation/equipment costs such as ADSL splitters and will be notified of this at the time of install.
  11. I understand that an administration fee will be incurred in the event LifeLink equipment is transferred from one person to another.
  12. I understand that LifeLink reserves the right to increase prices at any time to ensure the ongoing viability of the service.

Privacy statement:

Feros Care and the (Emergency Response Centre) assures you that your confidential personal information will be used only for the purpose for which you have provided it. It will not be provided to any person or agency without your consent or that of your legally designated representative. If you have any further queries or would like a copy of our privacy policy please contact Feros Care. Information collected on this form is to enable the (Emergency Response Centre) to provide a personal emergency response service.