Missing Person’s Week: Telehealthcare solutions for seniors with dementia

Missing Person’s Week: Telehealthcare solutions for seniors with dementia

Using the latest in telehealthcare to keep seniors with dementia off the missing persons list is a key focus of leading aged care provider Feros Care.

As part of National Missing Persons Week, Feros Care is taking the opportunity to highlight the connection between dementia and missing persons and ways intelligent technologies can help people with dementia live at home, safely, for longer.

Feros Care’s range of LifeLink Telecare Smart Home assistive technologies offers support for people with dementia and their carers.

CEO Jennene Buckley said one of the groups most at risk of going missing were those with dementia.

“Dementia has a debilitating effect on memory, intellect, rationality, social skills and normal emotional reactions,” she said.

“National Missing Persons Week is this year highlighting the link between dementia and missing persons.”

The rate of moderate to severe dementia among Australians is one in 15 people over the age of 65. Symptoms that may cause someone to go missing include forgetting well-known people or places, an inability to process questions or instructions, and emotional unpredictability.

Ms Buckley said that no existing cure for dementia meant society must look towards technology to allow people with dementia to live independently in their homes.

Smart and wearable technologies are revolutionising care for those with dementia, allowing people with the condition to remain living independently, and with dignity.

Telehealthcare technologies helping people with dementia include:

Feros Care is leading the way in using innovative technologies to improve independence and quality of life and providing support and reassurance for carers.

Ms Buckley said assistive technology helps reduce the risk of users being admitted to hospital or going into long term care.

“The technology available includes guiding a person through their home; prompting them to take small actions to keep them safe and alarms alert their carers or a response centre if they are in danger.

Feros Care’s growing range of LifeLink Telecare Smart Home technologies provides assistive products that support seniors and their carers by addressing specific needs, promoting independence, encouraging social interaction, memory support and health management.

Feros telehealthcare solutions include a range of care and environmental sensors that can assist in managing risks associated with the health and home environment of a senior with dementia – with sensors automatically alerting a response centre, family or a carer if an alarm is activated.

The range of telehealthcare products also includes:

For more information about Feros Care’s range of LifeLink Telecare Smart Home assistive products please phone 1300 763 583.