Living at Home with Dementia – Smart Home technologies to support independence

Living at Home with Dementia – Smart Home technologies to support independence

A pager can be worn to alert carers if a person has wandered

A pager can be worn to alert carers if a person has wandered

Smart technologies are revolutionising care for those with dementia, allowing people with the condition to remain living independently, and with dignity, in their own homes.

Award winning aged care provider Feros Care is leading the way in using innovative technologies to improve independence and quality of life for people with dementia and providing support for carers.

Feros Care CEO Jennene Buckley said assistive technology helped reduce the risk of users being re-admitted to hospital or going into long term care.

“With no existing cure for dementia we must look towards technology to allow people with dementia to live independently in their homes for as long as possible,” she said.

“Technology is already available to help people with dementia be guided through their home, being prompted to take small actions that make them safer and alerting their carers or a response centre if they are in danger.

“Intelligent technologies are helping provide affordable, sensitive care, and enabling people with dementia to live healthier, more independent lives.

Feros Care’s growing range of LifeLink Telecare Smart Home technologies provides assistive products that support seniors and their carers by addressing specific needs, promoting independence, encouraging social interaction, memory support and health management.

The Feros Telecare solution includes a range of care and environmental sensors that can assist in managing risks associated with the health and home environment of a senior with dementia – with sensors automatically alerting a response centre, family or a carer, if an alarm is activated.

These include:

  • GPS watches and wearable technologies: increase independence and can locate a person if they wander or are lost.
  • Smoke detectors: detect fire and if food is burning in the kitchen.
  • Gas detectors: detect if gas is left on.
  • Flood sensors: detect if water is left running.
  • Property exist sensors: are pre-programmed to alert a response centre or carer in pre-determined situations eg. if a client leaves the house after dark, or doesn’t return home by a certain time, or if the front door is left open.
  • Bed sensors and night lighting: detect if a fall occurs.
  • Sensor mats, pagers and pillow shakers: alert the carer to senior’s wandering through a sensor matt via a pager and/ or a pillow shaker – outcome: allows carer to sleep and be alerted of any night-time wandering.
  • Just checking” activity mapping:  sensors installed that allow web/smart home monitoring map movement of a client each day over given period to determine nutrition, personal care, sleeping, wandering habits.
  • Lively homecare solution: sensors used by families or care providers to monitor medications, fridge use, falls, outings and activity monitoring.
  • Inactivity sensors: alerts a carer if the person living alone has long periods of inactivity in a home.
  • Tablets, apps, interfaces: touchscreen technology for brain games, video calls, photos and reminiscence therapy to promote memory recall.

To find out more about LifeLink Telecare Smart Home Technology solutions speak to Feros  LifeLink Advisory Team on 1300 851 771

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