Just what the doctor ordered

Just what the doctor ordered

My husband Bill collapsed down at the shops because of his blood pressure problems and was taken to hospital. Luckily, he was there at the same time Feros Care was talking to patients about taking part in the telehealth program. Tele what, I thought, never heard of it.

Tele what, I thought, never heard of it.

Bill’s 87 and he’s had unstable blood pressure for years, and it’s something he’s struggled with. Being introduced to regular monitoring with a Feros Care telehealth care nurse was just what the doctor ordered. Quite literally.

Neither Bill nor I had really grasped the importance of exercise, diet, or even the impact of stress, in relation to health, especially his. This was until Stephanie, our telehealth nurse, put us straight. She was able to answer all my questions about health and well-being so I could support Bill and help improve our health generally.

Stephanie was full of information and talked us through everything. It gave us more confidence in discussing Bill’s issues with the doctor, including changing medication.

Bill saw the benefits and got into the routine of monitoring. Having regular conversations with Stephanie and the other nurses was the support he needed. His blood pressure has now improved – and his health overall.

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