Families and Carers

Families and Carers

LifeLink understands that most families and carers have a strong desire to help their loved ones and others lead an independent lifestyle in their own home. However sometimes the trade-off for families and carers is the constant worry if something goes wrong while they are not at home with their mum or dad. LifeLink appreciates the juggling act families and carers have to keep loved ones happy, yet safe and secure.
LifeLink can assist in practical ways in the home, to balance peace of mind with loved ones well-being.

LifeLink is assistive technology to support people with a wide variety of care needs. LifeLink Telecare for example, can provide personal emergency alarms, a response centre to help solve in-home accidents or escalate to 000 services. If there is an incident, our LifeLink operator will stay on the phone with your loved one until help arrives.
The LifeLink Telecare range includes sensors for water, gas, lighting and door exits. Sensor products can detect a fall, or alert you or a family member to a lack of movement in the home. For example if there has been no movement in the kitchen or bathroom for a period of time, our response centre would be alerted, with an attempt to talk to your family member via the Base Alarm. If there is no response, the issue would escalate appropriately until resolved. LifeLink Telecare in this example alerts you to potentially life-threatening situations, when you are not in the senior’s home.

There are many ways LifeLink can reassure families and carers whilst helping your loved ones stay at home safely, for longer.

  • Maintain the independence, dignity and enjoyment in life for your loved ones, whilst in their own home, for longer.
  • Avoid having to send your loved one into a hospital or nursing home for as long as possible.
  • Feel happier because mum can stay in her own home longer with the safety of 24 hour help if she needs it.
  • Worry a little less if dad leaves the tap running or the stove on; forgets to take his pills, or locks himself out of the house.
  • Sleep better knowing you will be alerted if your elderly husband or wife gets confused and tries to wander from the house during the day or night.
“Mum is a fiercely independent person but I am pulled in so many directions, juggling my job, kids and trying to run my own household. I worry about her on her own at home. Her health is not what it used to be and so I want the back up of knowing she can get help immediately. Telecare personal alarm and sensors provides this peace of mind.”

Which LifeLink Product Solution Suits You

LifeLink recommends a range of Telecare solutions that will help most Families and Carers with loved ones in their own home. Should you wish to discuss further which solution may work best for your situation please call 1300 851 771.

Families and Carers Solutions