Emergency Response Centre

24/7 Australian emergency response centre

emergency response personal alarms Our Australian emergency response center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our state-of-the-art call-handling platform ensures our life saving service is always available in the event of unforeseen technical or environment outages.

Our highly-skilled operators will always listen, treat clients with respect and courtesy, and ask how they can best help. Our operators will always stay on the line providing reassurance until help arrives.

Our response operators are:

  • Highly skilled at handling emergency situations
  • Compassionate and empathetic to clients in need
  • Happy to say hello to clients in need of a friendly voice

If an alert is raised via either pressing the help button or an automatic detection of a fall or safety hazard in the home, our Emergency Response Centre provides 2-way hands free communication via the Base Alarm.

How the Base Alarm works

Alert is raised

MANUALLY – You press the help button on your pendant or the Base Alarm

AUTOMATICALLY – If you have a Falls Detector or Inactivity Monitoring system.

Speak to Emergency Response Centre operator

An Emergency Response Centre operator will contact you within two minutes after the alarm is activated. The Base Alarm has a highly sensitive microphone and speaker with a minimum 50 metre range. The operator will begin talking to you to via the In-home Communicator Base

Emergency Response Centre operator organises help

If you ANSWER: the operator will ask you a series of health check questions to better understand your needs. They will take the most appropriate action depending on your response, i.e. Call an ambulance, Call a family member, Call your neighbour.

If you DON’T ANSWER: we will immediately escalate the response and call an ambulance as well as notify family members or your emergency contacts.

Operator stays connected

The operator remains on the line and continue talking to you until help arrives at your home. If your health deteriorates during this time, they will call an ambulance if needed.

After your alarm is raised

We will call you the following day to ensure your wellbeing. If we can’t reach you we will phone a person on your emergency contacts list to learn what further action we should take.