LifeLink understands that most people have a strong desire to maintain their independence, lifestyle choices and networks of friends. LifeLink can assist in practical ways for seniors to make those choices. LifeLink provides the reassurance to stay at home longer, independently yet with safety, security and confidence.
LifeLink Telecare is assistive technology to support people with a wide variety of care needs, to live safely and independently in their own home. LifeLink for example, can provide personal emergency alarms, a response centre to help solve in-home accidents or escalate to 000 services. If there is an incident, our LifeLink operator will stay with you on the phone until help arrives.
The LifeLink Telecare range includes automated sensors for water, gas, lighting and door exits. Sensor products can detect a fall, or alert you or a family member to a lack of movement in the home. For example if you are working in the garden and have a fall you could press your personal alarm pendant for immediate response by our operator. Or if you forgot to wear your alarm pendant, your sensor in the kitchen would detect a lack of movement during a certain time period. The lack of movement would then send an alert to the response centre, who would then try to speak to you via the speaker in your home, and send help as necessary.
There are many ways LifeLink Telecare can help you stay at home safely, on your terms for many years longer.

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