Monitor the safety and health of your loved ones.

Remain active and living in your home, feeling secure that there is a helping hand and watchful support if needed.
Inactivity in your home will be detected by the Passive Infrared Sensor** and an activated smoke detector will trigger our 24/7 Emergency Response centre.

Suitable when:

  • You are concerned about falling or experiencing a medical condition that makes you unconscious or unable to activate a Personal Alarm.
  • You don’t want (or you may not remember) to wear a personal alarm all the time
  • Your parent or loved one lives alone with memory loss, and:
    • Won’t remember to wear a Personal Alarm
    • Fire from cooking, heating, and/or smoking may be a risk

** Passive Infrared Sensor is installed in a high traffic area and programed to detect movement twice a day within a three hour timeframe.

inactivity saftey personal alarm package

Activity + Safety bundle alert system includes:


Activity + Safety

Activity + Safety bundle is a great way to monitor the
safety and health of your loved ones – especially those with
failing memory or dementia.

It empowers you or your loved ones to remain active whilst knowing there is a
helping hand and watchful support if needed.

Rent Bundle

Inactivity + Environmental Safety

This bundle enables people with dementia to remain living in their own home with a much higher level of personal safety.

It includes the benefits of an Inactivity + Safety bundle with much higher levels of home safety monitoring of those everyday tasks (like running a bath, cooking a meal or turning on the gas), providing greater peace of mind for loved ones and carers.

Rent Bundle

Inactivity + Safety bundle alert system includes:

Dementia Care Personal Alarm