Supporting Live-in Carers

Signal for your help when they need you.

Do you care for an elderly parent or spouse, or a family member with a chronic condition at home?

Live in carer alarms

Live-In Carer Support

The Live-In Carer Support bundle gives you confidence that the person you care for can signal for your help when they need you.

It will support you caring for someone who is:

  • frail
  • has a disability or chronic condition
  • failing memory
  • during palliative care stage of life

LifeLink will support you to look after your loved one and provide you with peace of mind. It means you will be alerted if something happens when you are in a different part of your home. It also has the added advantage that you can take it on holidays.

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Live-in Carer bundle alert system includes:

live in carer bundle

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Don’t wait for an emergency before you start thinking about protecting yourself or someone you love.

How the Live-In Carer Support works

When an alarm is raised, the Transmitter immediately notifies the Pager that
alerts the caregiver with gentle vibrations.

  1. The sensor mat detects when pressure is applied – depending on where it is positioned this could include falling out of bed, or stepping on it when leaving a room.
  2. The alarm can be carried by the person being cared for, or attached to walls or mobility devices – depending on the needs of the person
    • If the carer is wearing the pager it will be activated (it will vibrate and make a noise)
    • If pager is in the charging dock, the pillow shaker will instead
      be activated
Equipment features

Sensor mat

The sensor mat together with the pager transmitter will notify the carer when someone gets up or falls from their bed, enters or leaves a room, or exits an external door (to detect wandering).


The pager is worn by the carer. If an alert is signalled by any of the devices programed into it, it will notify you with your own choice of flashes, sounds and vibrations.

It is small, light-weight and can be carried in your pocket or on your belt.
During the night, you can connect a bed shaker to the charger accessory.
Includes a belt clip and safety cord and uses coloured lights and non-intrusive
vibration patterns.

The pager has a rechargeable battery, it is recommended you dock it each evening in the charger.

Pillow Shaker

The pillow shaker will wake even the heaviest sleeper when it is activated. It has a long 2 metre cable and anti-slip protection so it will stay in place when it vibrates. Simply place it under your mattress or pillow and plug it into the receiver. The pillow shaker is activated whenever the pager is in its charger.

Pager Transmitter

This monitors the sensor mat and pager and activates either the pager or the pillow shaker to notify the carer that their attention is required.


When the alarm button is pressed, it sends an instant alert to the carer within the home to notify them that help is required.

It can be carried by the person, attached to their wheelchair or wheelie walker or kept next to the bed. Mounting an alarm pendant in the bathroom ensures coverage in areas where accidents often occur.

The transmitter has a 25m operating range.

The alarm transmitter has a choice of signals – different ones can be selected according to which location it has been placed in.

* This bundle can be customised to the needs of the carer and the condition of the person being monitored