Our Story

LifeLink was born in 2009 when Feros Care observed assistive technology products that were being sold or rented that weren’t thoroughly tested in the field.

Originally a supplier to aged Australians, the LifeLink team quickly recognised the benefits that many of our products provide in-home carers of the physically disabled family members and to monitor chronic health conditions.

Nine years on, LifeLink service provides a range of assistive technology products to support over 2500 people with a wide variety of care needs, to live safely and independently in their home.

Who are Feros Care?

Feros Care is a multi-award winning not-for-profit organisation that’s been offering quality care and support services for older Australians since 1990.

We strive to be a strong ambassador and partner in the lives of seniors. Our focus is on helping seniors to remain living independently, socially connected, healthy and fulfilling lives for as long as possible. Feros Care takes a fresh approach to age care, providing seniors with reliable, flexible, and innovative solutions designed to meet their individual needs. Our mission is to support seniors to live their best life and to believe our senior years are something to be celebrated!


Rigorous Testing

We believe that every product we supply is the best in its field. We say this because we do not release any new product before putting it through vigorous research and testing.

We are also constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to offer people to enable them to live independently and safely in their own home.

All products undergo a five step FITTM testing process (Feros Innovation Technology to Market)

  1. Scope: access the potential benefit of a new product and decide suitability to progress to field testing. (products are drawn to our attention from a variety of sources: our desk research or approaches from developers, health professionals, or the technology network).
  2. BETA testing: Feros Care staff volunteer to test the product’s functionality for approx three weeks.
  3. User Acceptance Testing: test with our volunteer senior group. People in their 60’s and 70’s to get their feedback on functionality and perceived benefits (usually parents and friends of staff).
  4. Field testing: if the product progresses this far, we then test on a volunteer group of our clients for at least 3-6 weeks – those in the age group and with a mix of conditions that the product is suitable for. We take their feedback very seriously and if they advise the product is hard to use or not suitable, the product does not progress any further.
    However if they love the product you can be assured that what you select has been carefully and thoroughly tested by people just like you!
  5. Market: approximately 15% of products that begin the FTTM test are launched into LifeLink. This demonstrates our commitment to you of only providing genuinely worthwhile live saving products.

Business Support

Partner with LifeLink Response and we can help you extend your product offering. We support you every step of the way with training programs to allow you to effectively deliver added services to your clients.

  • Are you looking to provide technology to support your clients to remain living in their own home?
  • Are you a community care provider who wants to extend your service offering and products in your packages?

LifeLink Response can help you offer services like these to your clients:

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Find out about upcoming training to support your business.