Lifelink alarms enable seniors to remain in their own homes, independent and safe, knowing that help is available at the touch of a button.

For as little as $1.05 a day, Lifelink alarms provide peace of mind for people who are living alone, at risk of falls, dementia, epilepsy, physical disability or needing post hospitalisation care.

61-year-old Hana agrees that this is a small price to pay to feel safe and secure. She said: “The first time I had to use it was when I fell over outside my back door, on the concrete….I could have been there for hours! It’s really good because the response centre operator talks to you the whole time and they ask who you want contacted.”

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All About LifeLink

LifeLink provides a range of technology products integrated to an emergency response service to support people with a variety of care needs to live safely and independently in their own home.
LifeLink is experienced in assisting and supporting people using a range of specialised products and emergency response services. For senior or disability care needs in the home or where safety in the workplace for isolated staff is paramount, LifeLink can help meet the demands for independence and safety
Referral Telehealth
LifeLink’s Telecare and Telehealth solutions provide the tools to be independent at home.
Telecare enables easy and immediate access to emergency help when needed in the home.
Telehealth enables people to take proactive control of their health from the home.

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